Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS)

The goal of SWIS is to assist newcomer families in every way possible so that they successfully integrate into the Canadian culture. We help these families to better understand the Canadian education system and are advocates in the schools and communities for these families.

We assist and provide the following services:

  • School Registrations
  • Homework Help
  • In-Class Assistance (i.e. assistance with school assignments)
  • Online Assistance (i.e. assistance with school assignments via Zoom, or Google Hangouts, etc.)
  • Translation/ Interpretation Services
  • Assisting with Communication between Schools and Newcomer Families
  • Newcomer Awareness Presentations (in Class)
  • Lunch Clubs, After-School Programs and Sports Activities
  • Needs-Assessment and Follow-Up


SWIS works very closely with the Settlement Workers of the Eastman Immigrant Services (EIS), who do the general assessment and assistance of the family. All of SWIS’ services are cost free, because it is funded by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


Book a service with a SWIS Worker:


René Schulz | SWIS Worker

Languages spoken: English, High German,


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Yana Muntian | SWIS Worker

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian,


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Kade Kliever | SWIS Worker

Languages spoken: English


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    What Our Volunteers are Saying...

  • When we were newcomers to Canada, EIS welcomed us. When we needed to learn English to work, EIS helped us. When we applied for nomination to the province and for permanent residence, EIS supported us during the whole process. We love them.

    - Oscar Rada & Catherine Sanchez