Can I Use English in My Life?

Gwen Reimer, Blog Coordinator
Program Director, EIS

September 12, 2022

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We all know there are social advantages to bilingualism or multilingualism, but did you know there are also health benefits to being able to speak more than one language? Researchers have found that people who speak more than one language are more likely to have faster stroke recoveries and delayed onset of dementia among other benefits (

Eastman Immigrant Services is proud to offer English classes to newcomers in the area who want to learn or improve their English skills. At various times throughout the year, we offer the following classes:

  • Technology Skills
  • Canadian Language Benchmarks 5,6,7
  • Pronunciation
  • Communication for Truck Drivers

Our instructors – Amy Armstrong, Freddy Muganza, and Josie Fast – are passionate about teaching the English language and love the interaction with and between the students. Click here to view current English courses being offered.

So why study English? What does it help?

Reasons for Learning English:

1. You will discover that English is easy to learn.

Most people think that learning a language is very difficult. However, it is easier for certain people to learn English because English is related to their native language. For example, for people from Europe who are learning English, they find that English is closely related to their languages. German is very close to English. French has influenced English a lot.

2. You can find more job opportunities.

Many companies around the world require their employees to speak English. In some cases, companies require their workers to only use English. By learning English, you can be well-prepared for resume writing, interviews and communicating with the supervisor and your fellow employees.

3. You can become better educated.

Improving your English language skills can help you further your education. Many colleges and universities require a CLB 6+ for enrollment into their classes. English classes can help you improve your English writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. If you are looking at furthering your education for a certain technical skill, classes are available for this as well. For example, if you want to advance from a Health Care Worker to a Nurse, our Communication for Health Care Aides focuses on learning skills for nursing.

4. You can easily travel anywhere in the world.

I traveled to Germany and found that I could easily communicate my needs and preferences with the little bit of High German I had learned. English is no different. In fact, English is the global language.

5. You will learn about culture.

Language and culture cannot be separated. Language is a part of culture, and culture involves language. Simply said, knowing English will give you a better understanding of people who live in English-speaking countries. Knowing the English language gives you more insight into how people think, live and work. If you do not know about the culture of English-speaking countries, this might lead to misunderstanding what people are saying in English.

It is not enough to just know basic words and phrases. To communicate well in English, you must know about things like tone, body language and facial expressions. You might think an English speaker is being crass, rude or dismissive when they are not! If you understand which words or expressions are acceptable and unacceptable in English-speaking cultures, this might save you from a cultural misunderstanding with your English-speaking friends and coworkers.

6. You can improve your confidence.

As you improve your English your communication skills will increase. You will learn and use idioms (expressions) correctly. As you learn and use the English language, you will be able to interpret or translate for others.

7. You will exercise your brain.

Sometimes we need to do something with our brain to keep it stimulated. Learning English, especially in Canada, is great for this. Many classes are free and often offered online so you can study from the comfort of your own home.

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Studying English – Testimonials from Students

I feel stressed when struggling with my communication in English. I sometimes do not understand what people say in specific circumstances. So I need to ask to fully understand. In daily life, I am allowed to ask, but I am studying flying right now. In the air, the pilot is required to have smooth communication for safety, especially in the South Steinbach area due to uncontrolled space. Another reason is that I would like to live in Canada for 15 years as a pilot after getting my pilot’s license. I need a full-time job to get permanent residence and I need to speak English well to do so. ~ Takashi

First of all, I started my English class because I wanted to improve my English skills. During this time, I have seen very positive progress in fluency and pronunciation. I have noticed my progress in the intonation of words thanks to the information received in our classes. I want to continue working on learning new vocabulary and further improve my pronunciation.

Second, I want to start my academic program in Canada. I hope to study business administration – financial services. The program starts in September, so I must have the level of English required to continue my studies.

Finally, I want to have better job opportunities and become a Canadian citizen. In the future, I want to finish my studies. I would like to work for an insurance or financial company as Finance Manager and live in Canada for many more years. ~ Mary Arango

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