After School Program (Lorette)

This program aims to help newcomers/immigrants integrate into canadian society, make new friends, and improve their english language skills. Non-immigrants/non-newcomers also welcome!

Every Friday starting December 17, 2021, 5-6 PM
Dawson Trail School gymnasium, Lorette

Register online below or for more info, call danica laluan at 204-346-6609 or email


This registration form is for a program/event led by the Settlement Workers In Schools (SWIS), who are employees of Eastman Immigrant Services (EIS) . EIS requests the following information for the purposes of data collection, to improve settlement programs in schools, and in case of an emergency.

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SWIS Program Participation Waiver

I, the parent or legal guardian of the aforementioned child, agree for my child to participate in the selected SWIS program and remain in the custody of an Eastman Immigrant Services (EIS) representative (including SWIS) while participating in the activities. I understand that there may be risks involved in the minor's participation of any activities organized by SWIS and/or EIS, and fully assume risks on his or her behalf. Also, if my child has an injury; a condition that will endanger his/her life; food allergy reaction; and/or pain if medical treatment is delayed, and if the EIS representative (including SWIS) has not been able to contact me, I appoint an EIS representative (including SWIS) to act for me and in my name to make decisions for my child concerning his/her: personal care, medical treatment, hospitalization, and/or health care. Once I have been contacted regarding my child's situation, this agreement is no longer valid. I will not hold EIS or SWIS representatives, the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce, or the volunteers responsible in the event of injury or death.