English for Work CLB 7 & 8 (Steinbach)

April 4 – June 14, 2023
Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 7 – 9 pm

English for Work classes are an introduction to Canadian culture and language / communication skills.  They are designed for individuals with a CLB 7+ in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing who need to improve their language skills before taking a certification course for furthering employment opportunities.

Students will learn the facts about pronunciation: How speakers’ mouths move when they produce the sounds of language, and how word stress, rhythm, connected speech, and intonation work. They will understand the problems that new English speakers might have with pronunciation and why they happen. This class includes communicative practice whenever possible. Students will work toward using their new pronunciation in real speech. During class, they will have help to practice activities that are similar to real communication.

Instructor will contact the students.

For more information, please contact Barb at 204.346.6609 or