English for Work – Health Care Aide CLB 5-7

Depending on health regulations, the following courses will be offered via remote learning (online), in-class, or a combination.

English for Work courses include:

English for Work CLB 5 & 6
English for Work CLB 7 & 8

English for Work classes are an introduction to Canadian culture and language / communication skills.  They are designed for individuals with a CLB 5+ in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing who need to improve their language skills before taking a certification course for furthering employment opportunities.

Computer Class

This course focuses on computer skills in the workplace as well as accessing online training, webinars and programs. This course aims to give participants computer skills to enhance self-directed learning, online learning, word processing for work, and presentation skills for work.

Communication for Health Care Aide CLB 5-7 – Classes begin March 9, 2021

The Spring Communication for Health Care Aides session begins March 9. This is a blended 12-week introduction to Canadian culture and language / communication skills for health care aides and other health professionals. It is designed for individuals with a CLB 5-7 in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing who need to improve their language skills for advancement at work or before taking a health care aide certification course. All assignments and classes will be held online so that you can complete the work and learn from the comfort of your own home. Our students love the flexibility of being able to practice their English around their busy family/school/work schedules.

This course includes lessons and activities that focus on foundational language skills needed for a health care aide in a personal care home setting. Topics include how to build rapport, give a clear message, ask questions, listen actively, clarify understanding, give instructions, report a situation, manage a phone call, and make suggestions.  Students must have a computer or have regular access to one, and be comfortable with working online.  Teachers will provide ongoing online support throughout the class.

The student commitment needed for our course is around 3 – 4 hours per week. The typical week would look like this:

  • Monday anytime: Log in and look at the week’s lesson. Read the lesson and do the online self-guided / computer-graded quizzes. (1 hour)
  • Tuesday morning 10:00-11:30 am: Log in and attend the live online speaking class with your classmates and instructor. (1.5 hours)
  • Anytime between Tuesday and Sunday night (according to your schedule): Work on the assessment tasks (assignments) and submit them anytime before Sunday at midnight. These are always due on the Sunday night of each week. (1 hour)

On top of this, you will receive detailed personalized feedback on your assignments each week. This feedback is designed to help you improve your English skills week-to-week. Also, note that if you have more time during the week, there are many additional opportunities to practice your English while enrolled in our program. We host an active Discussion Forum where your instructor will post throughout the week; we keep a learning journal to stay on top of goals and progress; and of course, your instructor is just a message away to help you with anything you need throughout the week.

Our program has been carefully designed and personalized to help you reach your English goals and to better prepare you for a career in the healthcare field.

Instructor will contact the students.

For more information or to register, please register online or contact Gwen at 204.346.6609.